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  • Email ([email protected]) or DM on Twitter (@shonocondo). Email is preferred if possible as the functionality of Twitter crumbles by the day

  • Pricing in USD (United States Dollars)

  • No waitlist limit, I'll contact you when I have slot room! If you're not available at the time of contact, feel free to be taken off the waitlist or contact me again when available.

  • PayPaI Invoice (pay in full within 10 days) > Can begin working > Check-ins > Final work in Drive > Can make free adjustments

  • If PayPaI is not an available payment option for you, I'll also accept Stripe and Venmo.

  • Commissioners may use their pieces freely. Commercial work is x2 price up (unless discussed otherwise).

  • I will reject any work regarding NFTs and blockchains, nor do I accept payment with cryptocurrency. Do not use my work for AI training.

  • Deadlines are OK to assign and even preferable. I can only draw on my freetime, which I have pretty little of now!

  • I work on stream or post commission work on SNS. Let me know if this not ok!

  • Artstyle is not consistent. You can refer to certain pieces of mine. Feel free to ask more specifically what I can/cannot draw.

  • You can request for changes in the process and when the final piece is sent; I usually can make any change, but I'll let you know!

- Fanart / Commercial Work- Mecha- Typical offenses
- Original Characters / Inserts- Anthropomorphs- Lolicon / Shotacon
- Redesigns / Headcanon / Interpretation- Dynamic poses / Complex Design- Babies
- NSFW- Plus size- Hyper-realistic
- Blood and gore- Background/Setting/Architecture- Real celebrities

Feel free to direct message on twitter or email ([email protected]). This form below is sent to my email.



bustwaist-upfull body
base -$35$55$75
per extra character+ $15+ $25+ $35

cinematic ($50~100)

  • send idea > i deliver sketch(es), give estimates > finalize payment (invoice due in 10 days) > proceed w/ work, check-ins > final work in Drive > free adjustments

  • very messy, small details will likely be ignored

  • focus on lighting and atmosphere

  • standard piece: 3840x2160px 300dpi + border .png

  • border is optional, let me know if you would like a whole 16:9 piece


  • refined

  • default background is a solid color/gradient or some of my artistic freedom

  • *bg/detail prices vary but can be $20 each at most.

  • i count complex detail like little engravings and such, but if you're ok with me roughly drawing them out...! most armor is doable w/o additional pay i believe

  • these could take a while to finish

bustwaist-upfull body// bonus*
base -$70$90$120+ complex detail
per extra character+ $30+ $40+ $50+ background

animation (add-on)

  • $10-50

  • live2d animation

  • add this price to any other commission option

  • price depends on complexity

  • i'm not the most experienced in live2d but this takes a lot of time

  • ask me for a quote, and feel free to ask if i can do something specific

  • i only offer vtuber rigs for friends

  • i only offer live2d rigging for my own artwork

  • can do:

  • blinking

  • hair physics

  • accessory jiggles

  • minor head rotation

  • body movement

chibi ($50)

  • one chibi png (select between style A, B, C, or refer to whatever other chibi style i use)

  • +$10 for alternate expression (extra png)


  • $15: shipping, one charm. +$3 per extra charm produced

  • additional different chibi charm print: initial $5 fee, +$3 per extra charm produced

  • do not resell the charm

  • charm will not be manufactured and shipped asap. it will ship along the time i get my own charms ordered and shipped for my shop. i'll let you know when the charms will be produced!

  • know if you want something very specific :) you can refer to however anyone else makes charms, the manufacturer may have the same customization options.

acrylicepoxyepoxy + glitter
cleartranslucent bg (see my sinoalice charms) 


  • art drawn in low res (upscaled for viewing)

  • front or side facing (giving me exact instructions is helpful!)

  • have not tried drawing with backgrounds yet, but would be +$10 more

  • +$5 per alternatives (expression, blinking, talking)

  • includes transparent .png, animated .png or .gif (not all sites support animated .pngs)

bustwaist-upfull body
base -$40$50$70
per extra character+ $15+ $25+ $30

are you 18+

nsfw waitlist
1. ~


  • deduct $20 from total for greyscale

nsfw tos:

  • taking one commission at a time, let me know if you want to be on the nsfw waitlist

  • feel free to post/share online with credit

doodlethigh-upfull body
base -$65$85
per extra character+ $35+ $45
illustthigh-upfull body
base -$100$110
per extra character+ $40+ $50