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06/21/2022 another update #1
MOST orders are packed and will ship out this month. However there's still a chunk that will have to wait for next month or so [regarding charms] cause I have to reorder stock. Thank you for your cooperation! Always feel free to message me regarding your order. You should get an email of it being shipped. If you ordered via Stripe, I don't know how to send the tracking # to your Ko-fi order... feel free to contact me!


charms (next printing: TBA)

1. @beetlehive
2. @N3UR0515_VT
3. felix
4. maaya
  • DM me on twitter (@shonocondo) or email ([email protected]) for inquiries.

  • Pricing in USD (United States Dollars)

  • No waitlist limit, I'll contact you when I have slot room! If you're not available at the time of contact, feel free to be taken off the waitlist or contact me again when available.

  • PayPal Invoice (pay in full within 10 days) > Can begin working

  • Commissioners may use their pieces freely. Commercial work is 200% price up (unless discussed otherwise). I will reject any work regarding NFTs and blockchains, nor do I accept payment with cryptocurrency.

  • Commissions plan to be finished within a month, but could extend later depending on circumstances. Deadlines are OK to assign and even preferrable.

  • Let me know if you would not like me to post the finished work publically (on social media, working in progress on stream, or included in my portfolio). Feel free to post my work yourself with credit and I could retweet/reblog/share.

  • Artstyle is not consistent. You can refer to certain pieces of mine. Feel free to ask more specifically what I can/cannot draw.

  • You can request for changes in the process and when the final piece is sent; I usually can make any change, but I'll let you know!

  • Bust: head to shoulders / Waist-up: head to waist, hips sometimes / Full-body: self-explanatory :)

  • Can make exceptions for friends ^^

  • If you want something specific that's not offered here, just message me and we can work around!

- Fanart / Commercial Work- Mecha- Offensive stuff
- Original Characters / Inserts- Anthropomorphs- Lolicon / Shotacon
- Redesigns / Headcanon / Interpretation- Dynamic poses / Complex Design- Babies
- NSFW- Plus size- Hyper-realistic
- Blood and gore- Background/Setting/Architecture- Real celebrities

Feel free to direct message on twitter or email ([email protected]). This form below is sent to my email.


  • $25 per character

  • matching icons OK

  • should be done within a week

  • 750x750px 150dpi

  • Choose between Style A or B


  • messy, small details may be there

  • style varies drastically, feel free to refer to a specific image

bustwaist-upfull body
base -$35$55$75
per extra character+ $15+ $25+ $35

cinematic ($50~100)

  • payment accepted after sending a sketch to confirm price!

  • price varies on subject matter, check full images to see price estimate

  • very messy, small details will likely be ignored

  • big lighting focus

  • standard piece: 3840x2160px 300dpi + border

  • idk about adding 3+ characters, ask me about that and we can talk! (price may increase very slightly, since characters are not detailed anyways.)


  • refined

  • default background is a solid color/gradient or some of my artistic freedom

  • *bg/detail prices vary but can be $20 each at most.

  • i count complex detail like little engravings and such, but if you're ok with me roughly drawing them out...! most armor is doable w/o additional pay i believe

  • these could take a while to finish

bustwaist-upfull body// bonus*
base -$70$90$120+ complex detail
per extra character+ $30+ $40+ $50+ background

animation (add-on)

  • $10-50

  • live2d animation

  • add this price to any other commission option

  • price depends on complexity

  • i'm not the most experienced in live2d but this takes a lot of time

  • ask me for a quote, and feel free to ask if i can do something specific

  • i only offer vtuber rigs for friends

  • can do:

  • blinking

  • hair physics

  • accessory jiggles

  • minor head rotation

  • body movement

chibi ($50)

  • one chibi png (select between style A, B, C, or refer to whatever other chibi style i use)

  • +$10 for alternate expression (extra png)


  • +$15 for one 2 inch physical charm, free worldwide shipping / additional +$3 per extra charm produced [-> +$5 per extra charm if different design]

  • do not resell the charm

  • charm will not be manufactured and shipped asap. it will ship along the time i get my own charms ordered and shipped for my shop. i'll let you know when the charms will be produced! (actually you can just pay for the charm part later)

  • customizations below, but let me know if you want something very specific :) you can refer to however anyone else makes charms, the manufacturer may have the same customization options.

acrylicepoxyepoxy + glitter
cleartranslucent bg (see my sinoalice charms) 

Ko-fi shop FAQ

  • How do I fix my address? ~ You'll have to message me and I can change it on my side! Feel free to email or DM. All the info I need is the name it's addressed to. (There are no better indicators for specific orders.)

  • I've ordered the wrong items/quantity! ~ Message me and I'll refund the entire order, then please put in another order with the correct items. I can't partially refund.

  • Where is my order? ~ I'll ship your order 1-2 days after submitting the order. Otherwise, please refer to the timeframe of pre-order items!

  • Do you ship to my country? ~ If your country is not listed, send me a message and I'll manually add it.

General shipment info

  • Usually shipped in poly bags with bubblewrap. First-class shipping (2-5 days domestic / 2+ weeks international). If you'd like faster shipping options, please message me.

  • If you'd like cheaper shipping options, you can opt to ship in an envelope with stamps, but these will not have tracking. I can allow this for mini prints, stickers, and maybe a charm (not guaranteed to arrive intact). International OK! Please message me for this.

  • If your order is damaged in shipment, I'll send one replacement for free.

are you 18+

nsfw waitlist
1. kuri
2. huong
3. ~


  • deduct $20 from total for greyscale

  • sorry, examples provided are more closer to doodles, will have illust-quality nsfw up when i have examples

nsfw tos:

  • taking one commission at a time, let me know if you want to be on the nsfw waitlist

  • feel free to post/share online with credit

doodlethigh-upfull body
base -$65$85
per extra character+ $35+ $45
illustthigh-upfull body
base -$100$110
per extra character+ $40+ $50